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Support for our Apps

Please contact us at orionsmason@gmail.com or comment on this page for any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We’d love to hear from you!



There is no sound in the app. What do I do?

All of my apps contain sound and this is essential in some of the apps. If you are not hearing sound, please try the below strategies:

1) Update to iOS 6.1 – There was a known sound bug in iOS 6.0 that caused sound to stop in many apps. Simply updating to 6.1 could resolve the sound issues. To update (1) Tap the Settings icon (gears icon on your home screen) (2) Tap the General section (3) Tap Software Update (4) Tap the Download and Install button (5) Follow the directions and your device will restart.

2) Check your mute switch All of the iOS devices have a switch on the side of the device. Please make sure that this is not set to the off position.

3) Other reasons Please watch this video for additional information if the sound problems persist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUUB1EAzzZE

I unlocked the full version of the app via in-app purchase.  The app was deleted and when I reinstalled it, it said I need to pay to unlock it again.  What do I do?

iTunes keeps track of the apps that you have purchased, including any in-app purchases.  As long as you are using the same Apple ID that you used when you originally made the purchase, you will not be charged again.  It will first prompt you again to unlock.  Press “Unlock.”  It will then have a pop-up that says “Confirm Your In-App Purchase.”  Press “Buy.”  Confirm that the Apple ID is the one you originally used and enter your password.  It will now say “You’ve already purchased this.  Tap OK to download it again for free.”  Go ahead and tap “OK” and there you go.  If you have multiple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) that use the same account, you can also use this method to install the app on them for no additional charge.

UPDATE: Starting in version 1.1 (Kids Trucks: Puzzles) and 1.0 (Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles) a “restore” button was added in the parents section. Simply go into the parents section, click the button, and put in your password. Apple will check to see if the purchase was made and will restore the purchases (you should hear a chime once done). This method can also be used when installing on multiple devices with the same Apple account.


Sometimes while my child is using one of the apps the entire screen will move disrupting their learning.  Can anything be done about this?

Yes.  The issue is not with the app itself, but a setting issue.  Due to kids sometimes placing their whole hand or multiple hands on the screen it can trigger multitasking gestures.  In order to prevent this from happening, go to your settings app.  Touch general settings.  You should then see a setting for multitasking gestures.  Set this to off and it should solve the problem.

The sound is not working. What can I do?

This is related to the switch that is on the top right of your iPad. First, try just toggling the switch. If that does not work, go to the settings app on your iPad. Tap on “General” and scroll down to the “Use Slide Switch to” box and select the mute option. Now toggle the side switch and the sound should work!

Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning

How do I get back to the menu from within the app?

Starting in version 1.30, you just tap the display area where the trucks drive across.  A back button will appear.  Press this to go back to the main menu.  If you press the display again, the back button will go away.  In versions prior to 1.30, the only way to return to the main menu of the app is to exit out and restart it.

Google Play

I made an in-app purchase. I am trying to get it on another one of my devices, but it does not work. When I try to unlock again, it says that I’ve already purchased it. What do I do?

In the “parents” section there is a “restore” button. Press this and the puzzles will be unlocked again once you hear the chime.


I just purchased one of your apps for my Nook. When I tried to download it, it got stuck during download and installation. How do I correct this?

This problem is not related to my apps specifically. It sounds like this can come from updating the Nook Color’s firmware (it can also occur without this update). The problem is related to the amount of space and/or the amount of perceived space left on the device.

Solution 1 (Permanent): Have them repartition your device at a B&N store so there is more space for things you buy from B&N.

Solution 2 (Temporary): Archive all apps and Books you are not using (note these can later be unarchived). To archive an app/book, press and hold the app icon. A message will appear and ask if you’d like to archive it. (Please Note: you have to archive LOTS of content and the biggest games to create space. Just archiving 2-3 books or 1-2 small apps wont help). Once enough apps are archived, THEN hard restart your Nook. To hard restart follow these instructions:

1) Turn off your Nook Color completely by pressing and holding down the power button for about 3-5 seconds.
2) Tap “Power Off”
3) Press the power button and the home button at the same time for 20 seconds.
4) After one minute, turn your Nook Color on.

9 responses to “Support for our Apps

  1. Candice says:

    I am having trouble going back to the main menu screen once a game has been started, I am missing something? Help! I love the games but I have to close the whole app to go back to the menu every time!

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi got the basic version for free and I try to unlock app and pay to get other puzzles and I press unlock nothing happens??? What do I do to unlock the others??

    • orionsmason says:

      Hi Lynn,
      This is the first time I have heard of this problem. When you press to unlock, a second screen should pop-up prompting you to buy all the puzzles. Some things to check and try are: 1) You need to be connected to the internet either via your phone network or wi-fi. 2) Do you have in-app purchases turned off? 3) If neither of those are the case, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Please let me know if any of those resolved the issue.


  3. Jodi Goff says:

    I just purchased the Trucks puzzles for my Nook color. When I try to download it, it is stuck in a download and installation loop. How do I correct this?

    • orionsmason says:

      Please try turning off your Nook by holding the power button for 7 seconds.  Once off, wait 5 mins and then turn back on.  Please let me know if the app then installs.

  4. Stacie says:

    the Animal puzzles relocks the inapp purchase every time I leave the app. Each time I reenter the app I have to restore the additional puzzles. Why does it keep relocking them?

    • orionsmason says:

      Hey Stacie,

      This should not be happening. Please try deleting and then reinstalling the app. Once reinstalled, go to the “Parents” section and click the restore button. Please let me know if this resolves your issue.


  5. rex graves says:

    Just bought puzzles and it shows still locked.

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