Monkey Jump Games

About the Developer

Hello, my name is Scott Adelman and I am the creator of the Kids Trucks educational app series.  During the day I am a School Psychologist and Counselor at two elementary schools.  In the evening and weekends I am husband and a father of twin three year old boys.  At night I develop educational kids apps using Corona SDK.

Working in education and being a father myself has given me a lot of insight into what will work with young kids.  I am well aware of what all kindergartners need to know to be ready to enter elementary school and the cognitive processes behind it.  I work with several Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists that I have collaborated with while create all of the apps so far and plan to continue doing so.

The majority of the artwork was created by myself and I was lucky enough to convince my wife, Juli, to do the talking and positive encouragement statements for several of the apps.

I hope you enjoy the apps and always feel free to ask me any questions.

4 responses to “About the Developer

  1. Ed says:

    Thank you, Scott. My grandson and I really enjoy the puzzles. Nice and simple, just right for the two of us! It seems that your app, Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles, is only for the Kindle and not for my android. Is that right? If it comes our for android then I will purchase it. Thank you again!

  2. Ed says:

    Ok. I found the android version for Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles. Now, my next question is regarding Kids Trucks: Puzzles – Golden. I can’t see any difference between this app and the Kids Trucks: Puzzles which I already purchased. Is there a difference? Obviously we would like more of your Puzzles !!

  3. Ed says:

    I phrased that last reply poorly. What I meant to ask was if I can purchase an unlock key for the Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles?

    • orionsmason says:

      Hey Ed,

      Thanks you so much for contacting me. I am happy to hear your grandson is enjoying the puzzles. I apologize for the difficulties. Are you trying to purchase the full version from the Amazon Store or Google Play store? You should be able to download and use any apps from the Google Play Store. Also, I will look into why it is saying it is incompatible because if one of my apps is compatible, they all should be.

      I have a new puzzle set that should be out soon as well. The next one is Monster Jigsaw Puzzles (the monsters are very cute).


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