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3 Updates Out, 2 Will Be Resubbited

Updates for Kids Trucks: Alphabet Letter Identification Games, Kids Trucks: Construction Alphabet, and Kids Trucks: Counting and Numbers have all been released. Unfortunately the updates for Puzzles and Preschool Learning were rejected due to a new policy Apple is implementing for apps with in-app purchase. I will try to make the needed changes and get them submitted asap.


App Giveway is Over!

Thank you to those that follow the blog. The app giveaway has now ended. I will be sure to do more in the future, so keep watching for it.

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App Giveaway!

I have decided to have another app give away. This time I will be giving out five free copies of my latest app Kids Trucks: Alphabet Letter Identification games! I would like to encourage new and current users to follow the blog and to keep up to date on updates/new releases. All you need to do is either already follow or start following the blog to enter. If you are a wordpress blogger, the follow button should appear in the top bar. If you are not, the follow button should appear in the bottom right. Or you can simply enter an email in the follow section of the sidebar. The drawing will conclude in one week. Thanks for your support!


New App in the Works!

Well, it is summer time for me. My second job is as a School Psychologist and Counselor for an elementary school. I am now off for the summer and will have a little more time to devote to app making. With this comes the creation of some new art and app ideas. So, the next app will stray from the construction theme, but will still be targeted at the same age group. My kids have loved all the drawings so far. I will try to post some as the app progressed. The goal is to have it submitted for release by the end of the month.

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New Updates Coming Soon for All Apps!

I recently updated all the apps. Some have major changes (there is a new puzzle coming to kids trucks puzzles), but most have some minor improvements. I have also improved the letter clarity of the “C” on Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning and Kids Trucks: Alphabet Letter Identification Games. I’m hoping that Apple will approve them all over the next couple of days. If there are any ideas for changes and updates, please let me know. The majority of updates have came about from user feedback. It is always appreciated!

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