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Kids Trucks: Puzzles RELEASED!

on April 17, 2012

Our newest app, Kids Trucks: Puzzles, was released in the Apple App Store today!  It is free to download and try.  This is our fourth app and I am really happy with the way it turned out.  Here are a few screens:



Available for iOS, Amazon, Google Play (Android Market), and Nook

Thanks for your support!!

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase


5 responses to “Kids Trucks: Puzzles RELEASED!

  1. BASAK says:

    Hi, yesterday we bought and unlocked all puzzles, And they were opened. Today we dont manage to open them, we dont want to pay for them again, please help us.

  2. Kuan Eeik says:

    Hi. I unlocked KidsPuzzles on 14-Jun & paid 1,59€. Then, my kid can played all puzzles. Then suddenly on 16-Jun, the application back to limited version, which only 4 puzzles are available. I did received an email from iTunes Store about my purchase receipt. And, I also tried to click on “Report a Problem” thru email, but I stucked where I cannot connect to iTunes Store. It means I cant get help from ITunes. Please let me know what can I do? I believe it is your application causing this problem. Thank you.

    • orionsmason says:

      I unlocked the full version of the app via in-app purchase.  The app was deleted and when I reinstalled it, it said I need to pay to unlock it again.  What do I do?

      iTunes keeps track of the apps that you have purchased, including any in-app purchases.  As long as you are using the same Apple ID that you used when you originally made the purchase, you will not be charged again.  It will first prompt you again to unlock.  Press “Unlock.”  It will then have a pop-up that says “Confirm Your In-App Purchase.”  Press “Buy.”  Confirm that the Apple ID is the one you originally used and enter your password.  It will now say “You’ve already purchased this.  Tap OK to download it again for free.”  Go ahead and tap “OK” and there you go.  If you have multiple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) that use the same account, you can also use this method to install the app on them for no additional charge.

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